FREE iPhone Tempered Glass Privacy Protection Screen Protector

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We are offering this screen protector completely FREE of charge, just pay shipping - For A LIMITED TIME ONLY!

BTE’s Privacy Screen protects your vital information in the age of user theft. Privacy should always be your #1 concern when using your smartphone in public, to protect your credit card information, social media account data, user privacy, and more. BTE’s Privacy Screen allows the user to add on a layer of protection from peering eyes, ‘peepers’, hackers, and anyone looking to invade your privacy. The tempered glass, provided as a double feature, will protect your screen from the hazards of daily life, fingerprint grim, and even boost the vibrancy of your phone’s resolution.

BTE’s Privacy Screen Protector is revolutionary, and allows the you to purchase three separate add-ons as one single, tested, efficient upgrade.

  • Privacy Film
  • Impact Protection
  • HD Clarity
  • Touch Sensitivity
  • Anti-Smudge / Anti-Fingerprint
  • Scratch Resistance

Please allow our team 4-5 weeks for our team to pull, test, package, and ship your Privacy Screen.

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